The Aleutian Islands are an archipelago with dozens of islands with 40 active and 17 inactive volcanoes. Picture: Shutterstock

A researcher from MIPT has proposed a new explanation for the Arctic’s rapid warming. In his recent paper in Geosciences, he suggests that the warming could have been triggered by a series of great earthquakes.

Global warming is one of the pressing issues faced by civilization. It is widely believed to be caused by human activity, which increases the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. However, this view does not explain why temperatures sometimes rise fairly abruptly.

In the Arctic, one of the factors driving climate warming is the release of methane from permafrost and metastable gas hydrates in…

Photo. Zebrafish. Credit: Natalia Arefieva/MIPT Press Office

A team of researchers led by MIPT’s Allan Kalueff has studied chronic stress in zebrafish and determined that the animal can serve as a valuable model species for research into the associated brain diseases, complementing research currently done on rodents. The paper was published in Scientific Reports.

Translational model

The zebrafish, also known as Danio rerio, is a freshwater fish from the minnow family. It got its name for the stripes on its body. Zebrafish are widely used as a translational model in genetics, molecular biology, embryology, pharmacology, and — more recently — in neurobiology. Their use as lab animals was pioneered…

Header Image. Mad Max: Fury Road © Warner Bros. Pictures

The idea that humans as a species may one day disappear from the face of the Earth has been captivating the minds of humanity since time immemorial. Ragnarök, Apocalypse of John, dragon that will eat the sun and plunge the world into an eternal eclipse, epidemics, industrial disasters — the list of options is growing ever more rapidly. We decided to take a look back on some movies and see whether the disasters depicted in them can happen in real life.

Kill all humans

Humans are social creatures and those around us are all that we care about. So there aren’t many films…

By Anna Dzarakhokhova and Anastasia Pokrovskaya

Let’s start with a standard question. Why did you enroll at MIPT?

I enrolled at MIPT mainly because of my parents — they’re physicists, too. At some point, I did want to study architecture or art, but in the end, I chose to follow in their footsteps. The advice they gave me then was very simple: “If you study physics there, you’ll be able to do anything you want later in life.” And I agree with them now. That’s the typical MIPT mindset, isn’t it?

How does your MIPT education help you in what…

Current method of stem cell-derived tissue production is very inefficient. By semi-automating tissue differentiation, researchers from MIPT and Harvard have made the process nearly four times faster, retaining the same quality of the tissue. The new algorithm is also useful for analyzing the factors that affect cell specialization.

Robots facilitate stem cell production. Credit: Daria Sokol/MIPT Press Office

Retina is an eye tissue, consisting of chained layers of neurons. It senses light and pre-processes visual information before sending it to the brain. Due to the lack of retinal cells regeneration potential, their loss leads to permanent blindness.

Today about 15 million people in the U.S. alone have retinal degenerative diseases…

On Nov. 3, Amazon published the selection results for the Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge 4. The committee has selected nine finalists, including a team from the MIPT Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab.

Our DREAM team

Denis Kuznetsov, Dmitry Evseev, Anton Peganov, Alsu Sagirova, Dmitry Karpov, and Dilyara Baimurzina, the captain, — our DREAM team. They are participating for the second year in a row under the guidance of Mikhail Burtsev. Team consists of MIPT PhD students and those involved in the DeepPavlov project at the Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab.

“We have a lot of work to do this tear,”…

International student count up despite COVID-19

In spite of the pandemic, the 2020 international admissions campaign at MIPT has seen outstanding results. Applicants from all over the world have been selected to join one of the six MIPT schools, making up 15% of the overall student body.

As always, MIPT has separate admissions campaigns for prospective bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students. Undergraduate programs attracted the most applicants this year, and the School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics emerged as the №1 destination for foreign students at MIPT regardless of program level. …

Image. Tsunami induced by a landslide. Credit: Daria Sokol/MIPT Press Office

MIPT researchers Leopold Lobkovsky and Raissa Mazova, and their young colleagues from Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University have created a model of landslide-induced tsunamis that accounts for the initial location of the landslide body. Reported in Landslides, the model reveals that tsunami height is affected by the coastal slope and the position of the land mass before slipping. The highest and most devastating waves result from onshore landslide masses. This realization will make future predictions of tsunamis more accurate, as well as providing deeper insights into past events.

The recent decades have seen unusually large tsunamis that had on-shelf sources…

Header photo. MIPT doctoral student Heakal Mohamed holding a Petri dish used in the experiment. Credit: Natalia Arefieva/MIPT Press Office

Biotechnologists from MIPT have developed a method for extracting the active constituents from the fat of black soldier fly larvae. These compounds possess unique antimicrobial properties and can destroy bacteria that cause farm crop diseases and are resistant to antibiotics. The study was published in Microorganisms.

Bacteria cause an essential subset of the diseases affecting farm crops. The standard way of combating them is with antibiotics, but their yearslong overuse has led to microbes developing resistance. Besides that, antibiotics do not always target harmful bacteria only. They may also kill the microbes that are beneficial to plants.

In a search…

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then… they soon become inevitable.”

- Christopher Reev

Dream: A Powerful Word

At DeepPavlov, we have a Dream. Our Dream is to make AI assistants to improve the lives of every human. Whatever we have today in the form of AI assistants, is merely the dawn of what is yet to come.

Imagine AI assistants being capable of understanding us, and talking to us. Imagine them learning from us and teaching us. Imagine them being our trusted assistants. Imagine them doing everything we want. …

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